This page is the product of about fifteen years of thinking and reading and education. The author, Everitt Foster, has spent most of his life looking for answers, and asking questions. This blog is an attempt by me to get my ideas in the arena of public discourse. I am a doctoral student in history, but I am well read on a variety of topics. I am a novelist. I am a gamer. And I am a man who wants to make things in America and Europe right again.

How I got to the Alt-Right

For most of my life I was a libertarian. After the 2012 presidential election and the treatment of my candidate, Ron Paul, by the GOP was enough to turn me away from the GOP permanently. I began reconsidering my position as a libertarian. Indeed, much of what I believe isn’t now, nor was it then, strict libertarianism. And in 2013 I discovered some writers and ideas that fit what I was thinking. It was written ad VDARE, and from there I went to other outlets which I would later find were alt-right. These intellectuals were saying things I believed in. I found people on Twitter who thought similar things as me and read what they posted, dank memes and all.

Recently Richard Spencer held a press conference in Washington DC talking about the future of the alt-right. He emphasized the need to bring in new blood and prepare for a long ground game. I’ve also noticed many of the alt-right women encouraging people to make videos and write to further our cause.

So here it is. A Natural Reaction is the product of much thinking, and a desire to step out of the shadows, put my name and face to my writing and engage the culture on issues that matter most to me: culture and nation.