Gab Interview with Lindsey Schreiner

Lindsey Schreiner is an artist that I met over Gab. She was nice enough to create my banner, and has created the book cover for my upcoming YA novel, Andy the Ninja. She was also kind enough to grant me and interview with her. She can be found online at and you can gab with her at

  1. So tell me about your background. Where did you grow up, what was your family like, and how did that influence you into becoming the person you are today?

I grew up in a Military family, my father was enlisted in the Air Force. I was born in Montana and when I was 2 we lived in Germany until the time I was 6, my little brother was born in that time. In my childhood, I also lived in New Mexico, Montana, North Dakota and back to Montana – there are a lot of details that made me who I am.

My father’s interest in computers meant I never lived in a house without one, I started with a Commodore 64 at the age of 4 navigating DOS to start my own programs and games. My mother worked extremely hard at every turn to make sure my brother and I rarely went wanting despite the fact we were a family of 4 on an enlisted man’s salary in the 80’s and 90’s, so I had a lot of opportunity to develop my creativity and ideals.

My mother is probably the one person in my life that I could always count on. She has taught me to be strong and independent always – to think my own way and ensure the information I’m being given is based on fact, no matter who is presenting it to me, and that if I want something, the only way to get it is to work hard and get it myself.

She also taught me doing the right thing and being an adult are more important than “winning” – which has influenced how I behave online as well. Honesty and maturity are two things I try very hard to hold on to at every turn (though I’m far from perfect at times).

  1. You seem like a really creative person, what other types of creative endeavors are you interested in participating in?

I’m honestly one of those people who has a very divided focus… I love do to my graphic arts, but I also enjoy doing crafts – origami, crochet, cross stitch, sculpting, painting – and I enjoy writing and poetry as well, though I don’t practice those quite as much as I should.

I’m great at the visual side/customer use of Web design, but more people are interested in a quick drag and drop design than something custom so I don’t mention that as often as I do other things.

  1. So when did you first start getting into art? And what were your first subjects/themes you explored?

I’ve been artistically inspired most of my life. As a child I was always drawing, or working on something, trying to paint things. I’ve always been kind of a fantasy inspired person – I started playing Dungeons and Dragons at 8 – and of course I enjoyed unicorns, but I have a very huge love for dragons – all kinds. Of course I’m also inspired by most mythologies – Norse, Egyptian, and Greek most specifically. I spent most of my time in school drawing instead of taking notes.

My first time in college at 18 I would irritate the daylights out of my History professor because I would walk in, sit down, and start drawing. Once I even placed my hand down on the paper, traced it, and proceeded to fill in the details of the hand while he lectured. When it came time for midterms, I passed the test with flying colors and he added a note on my test that said “I guess you were listening”. Of course then I was also a psychology major.

  1. You have a very unique pop-ish style, who or what influenced it?

What influences my art style most is what I’m being asked for. I don’t like to consider myself in one category or another, because I’m often trying to find new methods to produce the picture that I have in my head. In the end, what comes out is usually the result of hours of fussing and fretting over exactly which pixel is where, knowing no one will ever realize that I’m fussing on such a small scale but me.

  1. What is your process like? Do you just sit down and create or do you have a kind of ritual you use to get you into the headspace necessary to create?

If I’m not working on a piece for someone else, I’ve generally started with a blank canvas and randomly doodled and messed with the canvas until an idea comes to me. Or I was running through pictures until an idea comes to me. Or I was off doing something else and something will pop into my head to try to do – there is honestly a lot of art I’ve done that’s hidden on my computer because it’s half finished, or I didn’t feel like it was good enough to be showing to other people.

  1. Are you formally trained? If so where did you learn and who were your greatest teachers? If you had it to do over again, would you make the same choice today?

Formally trained? Not really. I have a Bachelor’s of Science in Information Technology with a Concentration in Web Design. I have an ACE certification in DreamWeaver, and I plan to get the same certification in Photoshop sometime soon. Honestly my greatest teachers have been trial and error, YouTube, and other artists on the internet kind enough to put their methods forth through written tutorials. My BS had a few Photoshop focused classes that helped some of my technique, but nothing overtly inspiring. There are only two choices in my life I would re-do, and none of them really have anything do with my style or education.

  1. You’re very active on Gab, were you always outgoing on social media? Have you always had a large presence or is Gab different for you because of the free speech dedication?

Gab is very different for me for a lot of reasons. The first of which is that before this I never put much of my personality out in my Social profiles – I never got into Twitter, I spent most my time on Facebook posting images and articles from other sources and being more of an observer than anything. Gab is a young program, with a lot of promise, and for the time being without preconceptions from the users. People don’t expect specific things from a user to consider them “worth” following, and I am a very strong free speech proponent – even if I disagree with you and think you’re saying something that actively lowers my IQ as it leaves your mouth, I will always acknowledge your right to say it, and equally my own right to tell you you’re an idiot. To be on a forum where I can TELL people they’re being an idiot without being censored – and if they get tired of me they can sensor me out – is an amazing thing really. I have a very strong desire to see it grow so that all people can come together and discuss. It’s a bit of a naïve hope, but I hope those on the left and those on the right fighting will help them come together more than they manage now.

  1. You also talk a lot about political and social issues on Gab. Describe how you see yourself politically? What are some of the most important issues, in your opinion, facing America and the world?

I’m a libertarian in the most correct sense of the word. To most conservatives I sound liberal, and to most liberals I sound conservative. To me the biggest issues aren’t sex, immigration, or guns, but the whole of liberty and what “We the People” means. A lot of the issues people fight about nationally were never meant to be handled on the national platform – You can’t legislate morality be it what the Left or Right consider to be moral. So much power has been removed from the hands of the people and the states and ceded to the government that it’s honestly no surprise to me that we’re in the state we’re in.

I am absolutely against the interventionalist policy that has put America where it is in the middle of all the world’s conflicts, and I don’t feel it makes us stronger being there. In fact, it makes us weaker as we spend money and send other countries billions of dollars, while at the same time let our own country create regulations and policies that only serve to bleed more money from the people… but the list of my problems with the country/world is huge.

  1. Is it hard being right of center and being an artist? Do you find yourself isolated by the leftist artistic communities in the real world and online?

Honestly, I don’t find myself isolated in any community more than any other because I’m more center than right or left. I’ve been treated equally bad by right-wing radicals as I have been left-wing, because I have a very straight down the middle point of view. I don’t think that the right’s idea of morality is completely right, nor do I believe the left’s idea is completely right – in the end I think the country was specifically built with the idea that we need room to agree to disagree and mingle with those who think similarly to how we do while setting rules for all groups to follow to interact peacefully since no single group will every have all the things they need. The idea of “equality” is supposed to apply to equal opportunity, no matter what race, religion, color, sex, or mind set. What one person believes is a mental illness is what another person needs to be happy – and this can apply to everything from sexual orientation to religion…. But again, I can go on and on with specific details and ideas.

10. What inspires you?

Everything really. Ideas, nature, TV, movies, music sound… I have more ideas trapped in my head than I can hope to ever express, but it’s fun to try.

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