“Why Do You Hate?” – Said Every Liberal Professor Ever

Everyone divides the world, for the sake of our little brains, into easy to process bites. For those on the right this divide comes in the form of good/evil. For those on the left it takes the embodiment of love/hate. Now this is not to say that the leftie gremlins don’t hate.

They do, as anyone who has worn a MAGA hat or a Twinks for Trump shirt through a liberal enclave can attest. It is also not to say they don’t believe there is evil in the world. They do hate: Trump supporters, anti-feminists, facts, IQ tests, fascists, Nazis, traditional wives, republicans, the 1950s, the pre-Pope Francis Catholic Church, themselves for their white privilege, history, themselves for their male privilege, the cis-gendered, people who forgot to put the Q+ in LGBTQ+, being in the majority demographically, people who don’t support NPR or TED Talks, people who didn’t attend college, blue collar voters who don’t support Hillary, anything that disrupts their cognitive dissonance, you get the point.

But to the left the only acceptable thing to hate is those whom they deem are hateful. It’s been said many times, and so I won’t rehash it here, that liberalism is about moral relativism. And that is true, but it’s not the point of this article. The point of this article is that it is okay to be deemed hateful by the left. It means you believe in objectivity and living in reality on reality’s terms. See all those things listed above have one thing in common, they burst the liberal narrative that you have to believe in to desire their utopia.

Every liberal I know loves white people stuff. But they also love “diversity.” They just don’t want to deal with the consequences of that diversity living next door to them. Or going to their kid’s private schools. The diversity can take out their trash, and cook their Ethiopian cuisine “have you eaten at the new restaurant OMG soooo gooood and soooo authentic,” but it can’t get into the fenced in neighborhood. And if you don’t belong to their tribe, they’ll hate you. And they’ll probably call you a Nazi. But that’s okay, really it is.

Because Nazi isn’t a thing anymore. See in the 21st century calling someone a Nazi* or a Fascist is a little like calling them a Whig or a Federalist. It’s just meaningless, beyond the gremlin’s own emotional understanding of the world, and their desire to see you as a monster under the bed, therefore justifying their worldview. Racist and Hate Group are terms used by the ADL and the SPLC when it’s fundraising time. And that’s what the liberal paradigm of love/hate is about, an emotional reaction to who is, and is not in their tribe.

Look, I hate stuff too. People on the right do hate, as you on the left are so often fond of saying. But we hate things that are evil. I hate things like white genocide, the Kalergi plan, feminists and … I’ll spare you the list. But the point is, that there is nothing wrong with hating things that are evil.

*Please, if you are one of those people who calls yourself a National Socialist, stop. I get it, you’re angry, you want to do something rebellious. Just dye your hair black and listen to dead metal the way we did back in the 90s.


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