World of Warcraft – Legion: Is Blizzard Secretly Red Pilled? Naaa


I’ve been playing World of Warcraft since 2005. In that time I’ve learned a lot of things from my guilds and exploring the lore of the game. But having leveled two toons to 110 for Legion, and going through the Broken Isles quest chain twice, I can tell you that Blizzard’s devs may have been reading up on some alt-right philosophy. Or at the very least they are aware of the immigration problem facing America and Europe. Indeed, Legion is all about defending your homeland from evil invaders, demons called the Burning Legion, who want to destroy every aspect of your civilization. Sound familiar? It should if you keep up the news of Europe and America.

There a few other things about Legion that should be pointed out.

First, Khadgar and the other Korin Tor mages teleported the floating mage city Dalaran out of Azeroth, when the demonic invasion came too close to destroying the city. They retreated into a safer place called the Broken Isles. This parallels nicely with the desire of whites to move to more white cities, states and countries. It’s an allegory for white-flight. But the attempt to establish a society away from the invaders proves impossible. The Burning Legion has invaded the Broken Isles. Politically speaking, I believe this is Blizzard telling us that you can’t run from “Diversity” it will only move with you, because it envies what you’ve built.

Second, there are a group of people playing a new class called Demon Hunters in this expansion. They are led by former end game boss Illidan in the Black Temple, from the Burning Crusade expansion. Now, I don’t play DH but I did start one and I’m enjoying the storyline. I like the Illidari and I think they have a correlation to RL. It seems to me that we could look at them as the alt-right of Legion. New to the big scene, a lot of people are into them for their perceived power and there is a lot of debate about how to play one. Just as there is a lot of debate now (see Voxday, Richard Spencer, The Right Stuff and Greg Johnson) all attempting to define the alt-right.

Third, there is a dragon named Ysera who is known as “the awakened”. This by itself proves nothing. A big part of the Legion storyline involves dragons – some old, some young, some dragonkin just starting out in life, but so far only Neltharion aka Deathwing has shown himself to be evil. So if the dragons are “awake” perhaps that is a subtle nod to the nationalists of the world telling us where Chris Metzen’s (and possibly many people at Blizzard) sympathies lay.

Yea it’s not perfect, but it is an interesting way to look at Legion. There is a zeitgeist in the air right now regarding the invasion of the West by a barbaric civilization intent on replacing the native population. And to me, it seems that that has crept into WoW.

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