Alt-Right Entryism and a Lesson from Metallica


When I was in elementary school some friends and I got ahold of Metallica’s “Ride the Lightning.” This was the beginning of my love of metal. Eventually I became a musician playing in metal bands in my hometown and even opening for some big name bands. Life was fun. I had friends, not too many, and I wasn’t going to win any popularity awards, but most people knew me and I knew them as well.

Then in 1989 Guns ‘n Roses released Appetite for Destruction. Suddenly there were all kinds of kids, preppies and grits, we used to call them, that were interested in our music. We gave them pointers, taught them how to play guitar or drums, introduced them to people like Steve Vai, Joe Satriani and Eric Johnson to name a few.   But the Metallica dropped what would be known as “The Black Album” and overnight the preppies and grits were wearing Metallica shirts and learning the intro to Enter Sandman.

For those of us who had been into metal since the 80s it was shocking. Really shocking. These people who didn’t pay any attention to us now wanted to be our best friends. They wanted to come over to our houses and play Metallica covers. They wanted us to give them guitar lessons. In short, they wanted to be “in” with the new cool kids. But most of them didn’t realize that a lot of us were into metal because it expressed the rough childhoods many of us had. It spoke to us. They didn’t realize that.

And when we started to invite them in, we suddenly realized they didn’t want to be in because they loved what we loved, they wanted in so they could change what we loved. So we ultimately rejected them. Then the Metallica moment passed, and grunge became the undisputed genre of the 90s.

Was it a good idea to keep the preppies at arms length? I don’t know. In hindsight I suspect we could have taught them to love what we love, but we didn’t. We wanted our culture and our music to be pure. If you weren’t there at the beginning you had not place.

And this is what brings me to the alt-right today. There has been a lot of discussion on what constitutes alt-right, so I won’t go back over it. Voxday and among others have attempted to define the alt-right. But I’m concerned in this article about entryism. There is a bit of a paradox at work here, not unlike the preppies getting into Metallica. The alt-right is kinda cool right now. It’s young and energetic and has a lot of controversial issues. And people are willing to move to the alt-right. The catch is they must be Red Pilled so when they join our ranks, they are not infiltrating us with the intention of changing our core beliefs.

Recently I saw Milo on CNBC talking about the alt-right. Needless to say he got much of it wrong. He seems to think that the core of our values: white nationalism, stopping white replacement (White Genocide) and establishing white rule in white countries, is at the fringe.

It’s not.

So over the next few days I’ll be going over some of the groups that are attempting to claim alt-right and analyzing what their motive may be and how important it is to stop them. I’ll also address the notion that while many can’t be alt-right, they can be allies.


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